Blue Angel Lounge are set to leave their native Germany in a scant few days for a tour of the western US with The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Their music is experimental, psychedelic – the Austinist described their performance as “certainly one of the most beautiful that we heard at the Austin Psych Fest.”  They are touring following the release of their first EP: Ewig, which is the German word for eternal.

They will be playing the Neptune Theatre on May 5th. Tickets are $18 + fees ahead of time, and $20+ fees the day of the show. Click here for tickets.

Tom Mohrman: How has it been releasing Ewig?

Blue Angel Lounge: Basically, we recorded the song Ewig two years ago and since then we have been searching for the right context to release it. Today we can say that we’re very happy with the result of the EP as a whole in reference to the songs. The cover art of Ewig and the idea of dividing it into Hagen and Berlin side works out perfectly. A few days ago we held it in our hands for the first time and it felt awesome. A wonderful peace of art in our eyes.

TM: How does does your new EP compare to your first record?

BAL: To answer this question you have to compare it to both  previous albums. The first record got this lofi sound, which made it very atmospheric and unique. The second one was recorded in a real studio and that’s why the songs all have a better dynamic. In hindsight, we feel like we missed something turning away from the lofi approach. We have worked out a good balance between both extremes on the EP. In addition to the question of sound we made a big step forward in realizing our own musical vision, becoming more independent from other influences and bands.

TM: Do you have a special love for vinyl?

BAL: Yes! It’s always good for a boy having something big in his hands.

TM: Is your music available on streaming services like Spotify? If so, what are your opinions on that kind of distribution?

BAL: What we’re experiencing at the moment is a fundamental structural change within the music industry. It’s a process of democratization and digital distribution services like Spotify are part of it. As long as the artist as the original creator of music is rewarded properly, we welcome this change. Our music is available via Spotify. But all in all we are rather a “traditional” band in the regard that we have a label, a promotion and booking agency. Transferring the organizational work to others helps us to focus on what is most important in our view: making music.

TM: Is the music that you make a reaction to music you grew up loving?

BAL: The music we make is the result of all the inputs, that affect us in our daily life. This includes the music we listen and listened to years ago. When you grow up you pass through different musical states and you develop. Youth culture is about collecting influences. That’s what we did in reference to music.

TM: What’s after the tour?

BAL: We are going back to our hometown Hagen to work on new material for a new album. We will hopefully release a new record at the end of the year.

Culture Q&A With German Psych Band Blue Angel Lounge