Much is made of the war on women being waged in legislative halls throughout the country, but it should be noted that the current all-out effort rests on the foundation of centuries of skirmishes carried out behind closed doors, away from the eyes of the media unless something goes tragically wrong. Domestic violence is a private war on women and it would be a mistake to divorce it from the larger picture of health rights and equal pay lest we end up back in the days when everyone looked the other way.

On May 4th, the fierce and fantastic Rat City Rollergirls skate into Chef John Howie’s SPORT Restaurant and Bar to mingle, sign pictures and raise funds for DAWN – the Domestic Abuse Women’s Network. Chef Howie and the Rollergirls will co-host the event that includes cocktails, nibbles and a raffle. A $20 admission price buys you two cocktails and everything else the evening offers. $5 of each ticket sold will be donated to DAWN, as will the proceeds of the raffle ticket sales. Rafle tickets are $5 each.

Get your tickets in advance of the event, which runs from 7 pm to 9 pm, by calling SPORT Restaurant and Bar at 206-404-7767 or purchasing onsite at 140 4th Ave N, Suite 130.

From the press release:

DAWN’s mission is to lead and support efforts in south King County communities to end domestic violence by providing the critical services and education for survivors to make informed choices about their future and engaging communities to raise awareness and take action. In 2011, DAWN served a total of 16,235 clients including 12,344 bed nights to:

    219 women and their families at DAWN’s House, our emergency confidential shelter;
    120 women, men and their families in our Safe Nights Housing Program (hotels and motels vouchers); and
    Transition To Permanency housing services to 35 women and their children;
    29 women and children in our Extended Stay Transitional Housing Program.
    12,355 crisis calls from women, men and teens (thanks in part to our wonderful volunteers!).
    2,235 individuals in our Community Advocacy Program, which included:
    176 support groups to women;
    Legal advocacy for 661 women, men and teens.

Further from the press release, local celebrity chef and author John Howie lauds the women involved in the effort.

“The Roller City Rat Girls are an amazing group of female athletes,” says Howie. “They exert the same amount of energy to community outreach as they do to competing (which is considerable!). We are very excited to partner with them on this event as DAWN is a charity we both feel strongly about assisting.”

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