It's happening
Yes, it is true.

One of the best bands to ever happen — The Deftones, from Sacto, California — is back where we most want them…a recording studio.

This picture — posted to the band’s Instagram — is proof positive the Deftones don’t lie, people.

Yes, it is also true, people, that some sites will do anything for traffic, which is fucking pathetic.

Yesterday, so many metal sites picked up on that albeit-cool-yet-totally-unmetal holographic Tupac video…just because everyone and their brother was Googling it.

Fuck that noise. Metal sites need to stay metal. Go ahead and try to justify cashing in, but folks, basically, that’s a hip-hop or technology story, and we do metal here…unless it’s related, somehow, to Fred Durst.

The Deftones have started recording, and yes, a release is being eyed for September or early October, which is going to make the transition from summer to fall a little more survivable.

A Euronymous hologram would be tight, though.

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