When something in an artist’s life drastically changes, often times the music they produce undergoes a similar change. Battleme is the end product of such a situation. If you’re familiar with the music scene in Austin, TX you may have heard of the rock band Lions. A few years back, everything changed for front man Matt Drenik. He was diagnosed with uveitis, an auto-immune disease without cause or cure, which results in the inflicted person’s vision to degenerate. With this diagnosis, Drenik’s life was dramatically altered, and so was his music.

Rather than staying put in Texas, Drenik moved to Portland and began to write songs less focused on rock in the traditional sense- he wanted to create music that knew no bounds or classifications. The result is his new project, Battleme. Drenik’s material this time around has a vintage feel to it- described as “Concrete Rock Electro Psychedelic Folk Dance Push.” He manages to make music that is at times pop-tinged and next the listener is confronted with something clearly folk inspired. All the while, nothing can be placed squarely in a box. As a result, his project has been getting some major attention- being featured on FX’s Sons of Anarchy and most recently on CBS’s Criminal Minds. And with the release of his music video for ‘Touch,’ Battleme landed a spot on MTV’s Blog, Buzzworthy.

With the debut album, produced by Thomas Turner of Ghostland Observatory’s label Trashy Moped, set to be released next Tuesday, April 24th, the show scheduled at the High Dive Thursday, April 26th is sure to be something special. Tickets are available the day of the show for only $6, so get their early to make sure you’re able to catch Battleme as well as openers Sweet Secrets and Salvador Dali Llama.



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