I’ve found that I hear about some of the best bands in town while sitting in a bar, whether it be from patrons, servers, or via the jukebox. It’s a well known fact that all over town, the people mixing our drinks are far more passionate about their guitar strings than our well whiskey. One of my favorite bars in town is The Lookout on Bellevue Ave, and a few months back I started talking to my favorite bartender, Stevie Gale, about his life outside of Karaoke Thursdays.

Stevie is one of the guitarists for They Rise, We Die [sic]- and when I first heard the name I was a bit terrified. With a name like that, I assumed I was about to embarrass myself with my lack of knowledge on the Seattle hardcore scene. Stevie clarified after seeing that I was, for once, at a loss for words; They Rise, We Die is actually an instrumental Post-Rock band. If you’re not familiar with that genre, the most mainstream comparison I can make is to Texas band Explosions in the Sky– who closed out Capitol Hill Block Party last year.

I haven’t seen many bands around town who are sans a vocalist, so I was very interested to see what their live show would be like. Recently I was able to catch this quartet play at the Comet, which led my notions about singers being essential to an interesting band being shattered on the sticky bar floor. They Rise, We Die is exactly what I hope to see more of in the Seattle music scene. They play music that has a dark ambient sound to it- it’s at times so heavy that it feels as though the wind is being knocked out of you, and then a few bars down there’s a shift and it becomes something that puts the listener at ease. This band is able to connect with the audience without the use of words, something which truly shows the power of the music they’re making. Each of their songs is multi-layered and in a word: riveting.

With enough metal inspired outbursts to keep hard rock enthusiasts happy, this is a band that could easily connect with music fans spanning various genres of rock. I’m excited to see them headline next Thursday, April 28th at the Rat and the Raven. Listen to one of their songs here for a sample of what you can expect.  Opening for They Rise, We Die will be Lowmen Markos, Postmadonna, and The Blue Tracks- so this is a show well worth spending the $6 for a ticket.

Culture Rat and the Raven Welcome Local Band They Rise, We Die 4/26