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Wrap Up April with James Morrison and Honeyhoney @ The Neptune 4/29


With Spring quickly dissolving into Summer, ’tis the season for tours to be winding down in favor of acts hitting the Festival and Fair circuit. Seattle has a score of great concerts as the calendar goes from April to May, but one that stands out is being held at The Neptune Sunday, April 29th by Honeyhoney and headliner James Morrison. Tickets are, miraculously, still available here for $21.50 (plus fees).

The Awakening Tour offers James Morrison a chance to showcase his latest album, The Awakening, released in September of last year. This tour is something special for the British singer/songwriter, as it will be his first headlining jaunt through the states, though he is well known in Europe for being a force to watch on stage.  The Awakening is Morrison’s third full length work, and without a doubt is his best to date. With major events in his life taking place while writing and recording this work, such as the death of his father and the birth of his first child, The Awakening reflects a more adult Morrison.

If you haven’t heard of Morrison yet, to explain his sound I would compare him to a mix of Michael Buble and Jason Mraz. His slightly raspy, soulful voice has made him a huge success in Europe, and he’s posed to make an impact in the States with his newest single, “One Life,” a song where each line is soaked in meaning that will connect with people across the board. Take a listen below!


It’s rare for me to be as excited to see an opener as a headliner, but that is without a doubt the case for Honeyhoney. Claiming California as their home state, the songs on their second record Billy Jack sound more like you’d hear them blaring out from a Texas hole-in-the-wall bar, and I mean that as a compliment. I’ve been beyond obsessed with songs like “Ohio” and “Let’s Get Wrecked” that make it easy to go from tapping your foot to forgetting you’re in public and dancing along- cowboy boots optional (but encouraged). Their vintage sounding songs are reminiscent of a time before country was awash with Taylor Swifts, and real talent and heart were what sold records. This duo produced something timeless with this record, and it could easily find a home on country, folk, pop, or alt-rock radio.

Honeyhoney, Photo via Facebook

This two-some has a genuine like-ability that has resulted in a rapidly growing fan base, partially as a result of their role in the festival circuit we are in the midst of. They have been on tour since September, and are set to play both weekends of Coachella. If you’re going to Sasquatch, make sure you save room on your schedule to catch part of their set; they’ll be playing the Yeti stage Friday, May 25th at 5:05pm. Enjoy their video for “Turn That Finger Around” below.