Imagine a rock star who looks like Morrissey, plays like Jack White, and struts like Iggy Pop, and you have some idea of Devin‘s immediate appeal. His debut album, Romancing, is a far cry from the art-rock doodlings that we’re used to hearing emerge from Brooklyn these days. Instead, Devin engages us with a full-on guitar onslaught that’s equal parts Buddy Holly and The Hives – and yet entirely his own.

The first single from the album, ‘Masochist’, shows you the road map that Devin uses to navigate his way through his heroes. The breakneck beats, the squealing guitars, those nasal tones as he launches himself at the mic… this is Fifties rock’n’roll rewired through a thoroughly modern indie amp. Even his style suggests a Fifties throwback who’s suddenly found himself in 2012, a Marty McFly in reverse. But with an attitude that would put Cage The Elephant back in their cage.

In retrospect, it seems wholly predictable that someone should eventually join the dots between Link Wray and Wavves – although none of us expected it to come from the introspective East Coast. The good news is that Romancing should only mark the start of a long and frenetic career for Devin. As intros go, it’s a firecracker.

Devin’s debut album, Romancing, is available now from Frenchkiss Records, and has already earned him spots on the NME‘s ’20 Acts That Will Mater in 2012’ list and The Guardian‘s ‘Guide to the Next 12 Months’. To see what you’re missing, check out the video for ‘Masochist’ below:

Culture Album Review: Devin Impresses with Old School Charm on 'Romancing'