Here’s your chance Seattle: Death Defying Adventures in Comedy! Dana Gould has two shows coming up at the Triple Door on June 2nd. Tickets are betwen $29-$34+ Fees, and are available here. Don’t miss this show.

From the Triple Door:

Death Defying Adventures in Comedy showcases the comedic genius of headliner Dana Gould (Simpsons, Seinfeld, Letterman, Comedy Central, Adam Carolla), Cathy Sorbo (Rat City Roller Girls, MTV, Comedy Central, NPR’s Rewind), David Crowe (Showtime, Comedy Central), host Lee Callahan (AM 1090, JACK FM, KZOK) and musical accompaniment by the Jakael Tristram Trio. This is 90 minutes of non-stop hilarity you won’t ever want to get back!

Dana Gould at the Triple Door is maybe the best idea anyone has ever conceived. Legends belong in clubs like the Triple Door, and Dana Gould is certainly that. I had the chance to chat with Cathy Sorbo about the upcoming show. It turns out she and Gould go way back. “We cut our comedy teeth together in san fran in the 1980s,” Sorbo said. She got Gould on board for the show.

Sorbo’s portion will be Songs of Filth. “I’ve taken popular songs and rewritten the lyrics to be naughty,” she said. It will give the show a bit of a cabaret feel. There will also be a three piece on stage consisting of a Hammond B3, bass, and drums. And this is for a comedy show.

Sorbo’s singing predates her comedy, and she’s put in her time with comedy. “With twenty-five years of stand-up under my belt, audiences really respond to the music,” she said. Between her and David Crowe, you’ve already got a great show. Then you add your headliner and it’s just outstanding.

If you open any dictionary and look up hilarious you’ll find a big picture of Dana Gould. His history is the history of modern comedy. His podcast The Dana Gould Hour is consistently great, and the podcast is still young enough that you can listen to them all. Coming up you’ll also see his efforts with Dave Grohl on the FX Network. Enticing, yes? As an appetizer, do yourself a favor and watch Gould’s special Let me Put my Thoughts in You. (Available streaming.) If you don’t want to see him live after watching that, go to a doctor and get your funny bone checked.

You really want to be involved with this night of comedy. It will in all likelihood fix the world. At least for the duration of the show.



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