The Quebec Open brings the excitement of NASKA competition to the brightest stage in the Great White North's capital city of the Francophone province.
The Quebec Open brings the excitement of NASKA competition to the capital city of the Francophone province in the Great White North.

The 2012 NASKA (North American Sport Karate Association) World Tour heads north into Quebec City, Quebec via Master Clermont Poulin’s 32nd annual Quebec City Open World Karate Championships at Laval University’s PEPS (sports pavilion) from April 27-28, 2012.  The competition will begin on Friday, April 27th, continuing the following morning through the evening finals competition on Saturday, April 28th.

As with all NASKA World Tour competitions, the 2012 Quebec Open will feature forms, weapons, and sparring divisions.  The Quebec Open is one of the world’s finest open martial arts tournaments for its outstanding venue held in a university sporting arena located in a quaint city with a small European city-like feel unique among NASKA tournaments, professionalism by the tournament organizers/judges, and of course, the EPIC night time show.

Saturday Night Spectacular
And it is the Saturday Night Show, which begins at 7pm on April 30th that alone makes the Quebec Open stand out among open martial arts tournaments.  Master Poulin has focused on raising the bar for open martial arts tournaments by bringing the focus back to making the art/sport one that is a spectator sport.  The stage itself is not only nearly 3-4 times larger than those of other NASKA tournaments’ night stages but also subwoofered with booming audio from underneath and shined with a tower of stage lights.  The Saturday Night Show also features a JumboTron, which provides close-up shots of the performers as well as featuring the tournament’s full slate of sponsors during breaks in the action.  Staging the show at the center of a stadium with the audience watching from all angles, Master Poulin attracts over 6,000 spectators per year for the Saturday Night Show!  To give you a proper appreciation of this eye-popping number with regards to other martial arts tournaments, this is more Saturday night spectators than those of NASKA’s 14 other World Tour tournaments combined!  For competitors, this level of recognition and appreciation for their hard work is truly unparalleled.

Come enjoy the Quebec Open’s illustrious Saturday Night Show!

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