Want to catch a glimpse of the future stars of filmmaking? Like broadening your horizons and discovering new talent?

Did you know that Seattle is home to the biggest youth film festival in the world? Every spring the National Film Festival for Talented Youth (NFFTY, pronounced “nifty”) descends on the city. That time is upon us again, and NFFTY opens Thursday, April 26 and runs through Sunday, April 29.

Featuring entries from around the globe, NFFTY showcases the work of artists 22 years old and younger. With 222 films screening over four days, 30 states and 20 countries find themselves represented. Genres include all the biggies, and then some—horror, comedy, family fare, documentaries, experimental film, and much more. Scheduled in easy to digest blocks for your consumption throughout the weekend, these films are funny, exiting, heart wrenching, and remarkable.

The vast majority of screenings take place at SIFF Cinema at the Uptown, with the opening night gala at Cinerama in downtown Seattle.

For a complete rundown of programming, venues, and ticket info click HERE.

Check out the trailer below.

During NFFTY you should also make sure to check out the Future of Film Expo at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall, which runs Friday, April 28 and Saturday, April 29 from 11am until 5pm.

The Expo features a variety of panel discussions, workshops, and presentations, covering topics from technology and music in film to representations of queer culture in the industry. Seminars on film basics, storytelling, and casting, form a core of the event, and provide a knowledge base for anyone interested in filmmaking. Presenters include a wide array of tech companies related to the industry, and film schools from all over the country will be in attendance for those interested in taking that next step. This is a great resource for aspiring filmmakers of all stripes to take advantage of.

And the best part about the Expo? It is totally free. Can’t beat that, can you?

To see a list of all of the presenters, and a full schedule of workshops and panels, click HERE.

Technology Preview: National Film Festival for Talented Youth (NFFTY) 2012