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Sumerian Records Plotting Its Own Festival?


The Faceless
That’s the word.

The label behind the Summer Slaughter tour is now working on a fest that will feature bands from its own roster, and only bands from its roster.

A Twitter post from Sumerian Records appears to indicate an interest by the label in creating “Sumerianfest.”

Would you go? I mean, I dig the Faceless, but would I wanna sit through Asking Alexandria to see ‘em? That’s tough.

I mean, I’m not above making sacrifices for my favorite bands, but Asking Alexandria? That’s asking a ton. I’m not that patient or tolerant.

Last night, I went to see Refused at Terminal 5, and got trapped in the crush at the front of the stage with Zeena. Lou Koller from Sick Of It All even came out on stage for a tune, but I had to sit through Cerebral Ballzy first.

Man, that was some sacrifice.

Cerebral Ballzy basically sound like a sped-up version of Lulu; their singer is a fucking douche and has the stage presence of Stephen Hawking.

Refused asked a lot of us last night, making us sit through that shit. But, seeing Refused blow that stage apart was worth the pain.