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Martial Foodie's Martial Arts Post: San Diego Grand Internationals April 28, 2012

San Diego Grand Internationals brings a wealth of diverse divisions for competitors as well as an outstanding Saturday night time show for spectators and competitors alike.

The San Diego Grand Internationals returns to the San Diego Concourse on April 28, 2012.  One the most diverse open martial arts tournament, San Diego Grand Internationals is where exceptional grandmasters, established and rising star competitors, and fresh faces gather to perform and compete in martial arts camaraderie.  The competition will begin on the early in morning of Saturday, April 28th continuing all day with a brief break at 10am to celebrate World Tai Chi & Qigong Day with demonstrations and audience participation!

As with all open martial arts tournaments, the 2012 San Diego Grand Internationals will feature forms, weapons, sparring, and breaking divisions.  However, what separate Master Tom Georgion’s San Diego Grand Internationals from other open martial arts tournaments are its diverse offerings of divisions for martial artists of different styles.  The San Diego Grand Internationals embraces many different styles of martial arts by providing opportunities for practitioners of many various styles to compete in different modes of competition.  For the list of all divisions and registration, click here for the tournament brochure.

For forms and weapons competitors, the San Diego Grand Internationals offers divisions for the typical open tournament participants—Corean, Okinawan, Japanese, and contemporary stylists as well as demo teams and breaking of objects (boards, concrete).  However, the hallmarks of this tournament that separate it from many other open martial arts tournaments are separate divisions for traditional and contemporary Chinese, Filipino, Kenpo, and Hawaiian/Polynesian styles.

While most open tournaments tend to be geared towards contemporary martial arts or traditional Karate, the San Diego Grand Internationals offers a tremendous number of divisions for Chinese martial arts—notably the internal martial arts Taijiquan, Baguazhang, and Xingyiquan.  Taiji/Internal Martial Arts has its own separate Grand Champion.

Along with hundreds of forms and weapons divisions, there are a variety of combative divisions: point sparring, continuous sparring, grappling, Taiji push hands, fencing, and self-defense divisions.  The San Diego Grand Internationals is the only tournament to offer divisions for Filipino blade fighting and stick fighting (which has also its own Grand Championship) as well as Chinese-style San Sao—or Bout Fighting.

Conveniently located in the heart of Downtown San Diego near the San Diego International Airport (free shuttle service to the tournament hotel), Balboa Park, and the world-famous San Diego Zoo, it is definitely worth exploring the nearby beaches and scenic beauty—all just a short drive away.  If you are flying to the tournament, consider renting a car because parking is free as part of staying at the tournament hotel.

Come enjoy the diverse competitions offered by the San Diego Grand Internationals, meet living martial arts legends, marvel while learning something new about the art, and take in the natural beauty of sunny San Diego!

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