Meshuggah plays the Showbox on May 9th
Meshuggah plays the Showbox on May 9th

“Meshuggah is coming! Meshuggah is coming!”

Yes, you heard right. Meshuggah is bringing its oft-copied, genre spawning, mind-bending heavy metal sound to Seattle. The show, at the Showbox on May 9th, also features death metal powerhouse Decapitated and Southern rockers Baroness .

Meshuggah, formed in Sweden in 1987, is a metal music juggernaught all its own. Their sound has been described with a dizzying array of monikers; “Heavy Metal”, “Death Metal”, “Avant-garde”, “Experimental Metal”, “Extreme Metal”, “Technical Death Metal” and even “Math Metal”. All of these terms are true, but fail to deliver an accurate description of their sound.

This is because Meshuggah is…well…Meshuggah. There’s no other band like them. Many have tried to be Meshuggah and all have failed. A Meshuggah song can be colossal in its technical difficulty, symphonic in its complexity or stripped down into its purest form but one thing is always certain -every note, every riff, every beat is exactly where it should be. No matter a song’s tempo or styling, its execution is always flawless.

But metal perfection comes at a price. That price? Time. Meshuggah has recorded only seven studio albums in its 25 year history.

Cover art of 'Carnival is Forever' by Decapitated
Cover art of 'Carnival is Forever' by Decapitated

But before Meshuggah hits the stage, Polish death metal act and fellow Nuclear Blast artist, Decapitated will look to make some noise of its own.

The band has returned with its fifth album Carnival Is Forever. This, after a two year breakup of the band, following an automobile accident that led to the tragic death of drummer Witold “Vitek” Kieltyka and serious injury of singer Adrian”Covan” Kowanek .

This highly technical and gifted unit weaves and layers its sound into a complex, full-fledged, sonic storm. Much like Meshuggah, they possess a level of skill, both in writing and playing, that few can achieve.

Rounding out the show is Savannah, GA. metal quartet Baroness. These rockers evoke a sludgy, southern rock, stoner metal vibe. Baroness has taken aspects of bands like The Sword and Mastodon and combined them into its own and unique sound.

Beg, borrow or steal (don’t steal it’s bad) if you need to, but get to this show! Get your tickets here.

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