When punk rock began to grow in the United States the scene in Los Angeles was one of the most important ones to grow the genre. It presented us with a darker side to the glitzy home of the movie and celebrity idols we all knew too much about. It’s safe to say that when those bands in the late 70’s and early 80’s began banging out punk rock, things like career longevity or legacy were foreign concepts.

Most of those bands flamed out for various reasons but one, X, lived on and now 35 years later is still going strong. You can see, and hear, for yourself as X will be playing at the Showbox at the Market on May 12th. While the members of X have all gone on to other musical ventures, the original lineup of Exene Cervenka, John Doe, Billy Zoom and DJ Bonebrake have come together to blast out all their beloved songs.

Sonically X was different than a lot of the hardcore bands that populated Southern California in the early 80’s. Their brand of punk rock had a sprinkling of rock-a-billy to it and dealt with the struggles of young love, life in Los Angeles and even rape.

They influenced numerous bands and kids and their music is still relevant as no doubt there will people in the audience who were not even born when X first started their punk rock journey. That element makes a show like this more relevant and important than other artists who re-form to squeeze every last dollar out of their fans (we’re looking in your direction Van Halen).

There are not many punk rock bands touring today who have roots that go back to the beginning like X. That kind of longevity doesn’t come easy. In an interview on their website DJ Bonebrake remarked “The truth is, it’s much more romantic when you die, but we’re the kind of people who just wanna hang out and make more music”.

That’s something we can all be glad about.

Opening for X are The Suicide Notes and if you want to hang out with X tickets can be purchased here.

Here is a classic X song that appeared in the movie Decline of the Western Civilization:

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