Justice, Photo via Paste Magazine

Wednesday is probably my least favorite day of the week- but today, this particular Wednesday has the potential to change all that. Electronic duo Justice is out for global domination, and on their current world tour they’re making major gains towards that goal. After blowing crowds away last night in Portland, they’re on their way to Seattle as I type this very sentence to put on another intense, high energy performance tonight in Seattle at the Paramount Theater. When I saw this show on the calendar I was sure it would sell out, and somehow tickets are still available here for only $31.25. Get your hands on them now- it’s all too likely that this show will sell out before doors open tonight at 8pm.

You may be asking yourself, what makes this two-some different than the other DJs and producers specializing in synthy-hooks who have rolled through town lately. Their music is very 80s inspired and has a much different sound than other artists making the rounds- it’s upbeat in a less obvious way, it’s dynamic, it’s less focused on bass and more centered around disco beats. How different they really are from other acts was apparent during their set at the sold out Ultra Festival in Miami last month; it’s relatively easy to get lost among electronic artists but it’s impossible to confuse Justice with anyone else. Watch their video below for “Civilization” from their album Audio, Visual, Disco to get a better idea what I mean. And in case you’ve already forgotten, this show is TONIGHT- so buy your tickets here now.

Culture Tickets Still Available for Justice Tonight at The Paramount