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Hevy Music Festival Books Meshuggah, GlassJaw


Oh my fucking Bill Ward!

There is a band with a dumber name than Attack! Attack! — and that band, called Attack! Vipers!, will be playing the 2012 “Hevy Music Festival.”

Some of you may be asking yourself, “What the fuck is the Hevy Music Festival?” Well, I figured maybe it was a Devin Townsend-related festival, since Dev’s label is Hevy Devy Records.

The fest is booked for the Port Lympne Wild Animal Park in Kent, U.K., between August 3 and August 6. Does that mean the fest is in a zoo?

The fest has booked awesomeness like Meshuggah, GlassJaw, Converge, Municipal Waste, H2O, Will Haven, Madball, War From A Harlots Mouth, and Shai Hulud.

The fest will also boast a band I have always loved — The Descendents — along with a band I have never liked — Deez Nuts — and Andrew W.K.

Also playing are Norma Jean, Deaf Havana, Verse, The Chariot, A Wilhelm Scream, Set Your Goals, This Is Hell, Pianos Become The Teeth, and Trapped Under Ice.