Yesterday, I met Spock. No shit. I met Mr. Spock.

I was working for my day job, at some event, and there he was Leonard Nimoy — the man with the ability to disable a human with one pinch of the neck.

This has nothing to do with German funeral doom metal act Ahab — which features former Midnattsol members Daniel Droste and Christian Hector. They have unveiled a new song from their forthcoming third disc, The Giant.

The song — the title track from the disc — can be heard at the end of this post, and it slays balls.

Nimoy was mad cool, though. He didn’t mind answering my questions. I was disappointed by how round his ears actually were. It killed the illusion.

The illusion was also killed when he picked his nose seconds after we spoke.

The Giant will be released on May 25 through Napalm Records.

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