Bullet For My Poopentine
Don’t fret, Bullet For My Valentine fans!

Matt Tuck is not leaving those pathetic Brits who claim to be a metal band. False bastards.

Tuck says he will announce his new side project within the next day or so, and he tells his fans to chill the fuck out.

“Stop freaking out everybody, no, I am not leaving Bullet, this is a side project I’ve put together, it fuckin rules too! Stay tuned,” says the lad.

“New Bullet record is coming along great, resume vocal session on the 7th, sounding really good. Busy times!,” he continues.

“Aiming for an October release for new Bullet record, so fingers crossed there are no delays. Got 15 tracks so far, what to pick!!”

Bullet For My Valentine is worse than pubic mites. Or so I have heard.

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