Friday May 11th at 1AM EST Reggie Watts‘ new special will air on Comedy Central– Reggie Watts: Live at Central Park. It’s also a cd/dvd that Watts will be supporting with a tour of the United States. Beginning on May 16th in Chicago and coming to a close in Seattle on June 4th at the Neptune Theatre, the tour will showcase Watts’ talent behind a microphone singing, telling jokes, playing his keyboard, and simply being one of the most rare and unique talents running. For a full list of stops on the tour, click here.

Reggie Watts can’t be contained with labels like ‘Comic,’ or ‘Musician,’ or ‘Performance Artist,’ though he has aspects of each of those held securely beneath his suspenders. Here’s the thing: you could see him perform every night of the tour and you won’t catch the same show. What Watts does is improvised. The impromptu songs that he makes with his samplers and the stream of consciousness stories in-between the songs are all plucked from the intelligence that lives somewhere underneath his epic afro.

It’s pure, what he does. It’s pure unfiltered Watts coming to you from behind an ironic smile while he does something silly with his microphone stand. He slips in and out of accents, makes you cry with gibberish, and then he manifests a beat box composition so full of funk and soul that you kind of never want it to stop. His self-harmonizing, his expert knob and buttoning, and his magnetic stage presence will make you very glad you bought a ticket to his show, and a copy of his album. (You know you want both. Don’t fight it.)

Be sure to catch him on this tour. You never know when representatives from his home planet will arrive to fetch him back home, where he will bring order to a world in chaos. You want to be there, before he has to put away the ranger, and becomes king.

For more on Reggie Watts, check out this interview from 2011.

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