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King Of Asgard Finish Second LP

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King of Asgard
Oh man — this, I am super fucking psyched about.

I loved King of Asgard’s Fi’mbulvintr so you best be believing I will be holding my gonads in supple anticipation of the release of the Swedish Viking metal act’s next one.

They just finished recording their second album, …To North, at Sonic Train Studios in Varberg, Sweden, with engineer Andy La Rocque (who is also King Diamond’s guitarist) at the helm.

A July release is foreshadowed.

The new album, says bassist Jonas Albrektsson, “sounds astonishing! Andy La Rocque made a great job on the production and the mastering along with Olof Berggren. It’s upright and powerful. We feel very proud of what we achieved on this recording and merely the sound of it makes it a worthy follow-up to the firstborn Fi’mbulvintr.

“Songs and sounds came out much as of what we planned, with power and a great variety. …To North takes off pretty much where Fi’mbulvintr left off, so to say, with a natural development, more varied songs and structures,” he adds.

“It’s a development of our sound which will be recognized by old fans as well as bring some new ones to the horde. This time around I’ve been more involved in the writing process along with Karl, which kind of shines through, giving the songs a wider perspective. Expect some very strong songs on …To North, where epic meets with brutality! The lyrical theme this time is basically in the same vein but has different twists. Not as obvious as before.”

I am beyond excited.

Some songtitles set to appear on the forthcoming LP include “Gap Of Ginnungs,” “Plague-Ridden Rebirth,” “Nordvegr,” “Upon The Mountain” and “The Nine Worlds Burn.”

…To North is the band’s first album boasting the talents of second guitar player Lars Tängmark.