If you fancy yourself a pulp fiction fan, do yourself a favor and check out the novels of Jo Nesbø.  Many have compared the Norwegian author’s crime thrillers to Stieg Larsson’s “Millennium Trilogy,” but for my money, Nesbø has Larsson beat.  While both share an affinity for grisly doings in the frozen European North (Norway for Nesbø; Sweden for Larsson), Nesbø’s books are faster and more direct, with little of the flabby social proselytizing that Larsson was (way too) fond of.

Nesbø is best known for his Harry Hole series (which focuses on a tortured Norwegian cop named – you guessed it! – Harry Hole), but Headhunters might be his most accessible work.  It’s a relentlessly paced and darkly comic caper about a skilled corporate headhunter whose financial burdens drive him into some very questionable (and increasingly bloody) dealings with nasty men, and it reads like the best neo-noir movie that Hollywood never made.

Well, almost.  Because while Hollywood didn’t pick up Headhunters, Norway’s film industry snapped up its homegrown product and turned out a very solid screen adaptation; only after winning critical and commercial acclaim overseas did we wise up, and now Magnolia Pictures has given the film a limited theatrical run.  In two weeks – May 11st – to be precise, Washington, D.C., will get Headhuntersat the E Street Cinema, no less – and I highly recommend you check it out.  If nothing else, you’ll get to see “Game of Thrones” heartthrob Nikolaj Coster-Waldau playing an even more devious rotter than his small-screen Jaime Lannister.

However, if you can’t wait for the movie, I can ease the pain; I’m offering Headhunters in paperback for four lucky people (the above picture approximates the paperback cover).  It’s simple: to qualify for the giveaway copies, email me at moviegeek123@hotmail.com with “HEADHUNTERS Giveaway” in the subject line, provide your first and last name, and correctly answer the following question.

  • Which Academy Award-winning filmmaker is developing a movie version of Nesbø’s Harry Hole mystery, The Snowman?
  • a) Francis Ford Coppola  b) Steven Spielberg  c) Jonathan Demme  d) Martin Scorsese

I’m going to stop taking entries at 8 PM EST next week on Tuesday, May 8th, so get your answers in before then.  Only contestants within the United States are eligible, and entering the same name under multiple email addresses will get you disqualified.

Note: P.O. box addresses will not be accepted.  If you win the giveaway and send me a P.O. box, you will be disqualified.

The winners will be informed privately on Tuesday, May 9th, and I will send the books out shortly afterwards.

And a final reminder for you D.C. readers: the Headhunters film version opens on May 11th.  Click HERE to Fandango a ticket.

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