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Scott Weiland Open To Velvet Revolver Reunion


Scott Weiland
Sure he is. Cocaine don’t pay for itself now, does it?

I guess Scott Weiland’s been feeling nostalgic after that one-off reunion with Velvet Revolver back in January, because he claims he’d be down to get back with the band that fired his opposite-of-sober ass.

“Yeah, I definitely would, some time,” Weiland tells Rolling Stone.

“If Maynard [James Keenan] can do it with A Perfect Circle and Tool, then there’s no reason why I shouldn’t go and do it with both bands.”

Of course, he is referring to Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver.

Wait — did he just compare himself to Maynard? Really??? And Maynard is in more than two bands, ass-hat.

In the meantime, Velvet Revolver continue to not have a singer and are probably as dead as your Aunt Edna.