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Glassjaw Add Second New York Show


I need to go see this. But I hate paying for tickets. Oh, the dilemma.

So, already today, I have seen the Avengers movie — which totally kicked fucking ass — and had a delicious pancake breakfast. What a morning I have had, and it’s not even 2 p.m. yet. And now, I get this great news!

So, yeah — Glassjaw have added a second New York City show, during which they will be playing Worhsip and Tribute in its entirety.

They were already playing a show July 8 at Irving Plaza. Now, they are playing two shows.

A “matinee,” that starts at 7 p.m., and another show that will get underway at 12:01 a.m. — just hours later!

Damn, that’s sick. I guess tickets sold like hotcakes, and the demand was high.

I usually don’t buy tickets. I run a metal site. I have been writing about this shit for fucking years…I don’t usually have to buy tickets.

I did buy a ticket for Refused. But usually, I won’t go if I can’t get listed.

I’m spoiled. I know.