Since the beginning, this one band — Acaro — and several of its members have been commenting on our Facebook page and on our stories, oftentimes making us chuckle. They have always been supportive of the site and our efforts since the get, so now’s the time where we repay the dudes for being such loyal fans.

Yes, folks — New England’s Acaro are the subject of this week’s Readers’ Bands column, one of the most popular additions to the site since the re-launch.

I’ve been checking these dudes out for a while, and think they’re sick as fuck. Like Black Dahlia Murder, only more reliable. I mean, enjoyable. Check them out at the end of this post. We’ve got a song there for you to feast on.

The band were “brought together by the love of metal, the drive to create, the desire to succeed, and the need to bring” their music and “energy to as many people, in as many places as possible.”

What do you folks think? I dig ‘em. I’d wear their shirt. That’s the ultimate barometer, right? So tell me — would you rock an Acaro shirt?

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