Sonic Syndicate
Every time I hear Sonic Syndicate or think about that band, it reminds me of this post.

This one post continues to receive hateful comments, more than a year after it was first written. Sonic Syndicate fans, trying to tear me a new one. It’s funny.

Sonic Syndicate have decided to return to the limelight after taking some time off.

“We’ve been to hell and back this past 12 months but we realized something. We miss each other,” the band writes in a statement online.

“And we miss our fans and we miss playing live! It seemed we had two choices. Split up, go our separate ways and let our fans down OR continue even more determined,” says the Syndicate.

“So we have some very exciting news! We’re back! We’re gonna play some very exclusive shows this year, and decided first we have to go to Hungary because we missed it on the WRTN tour!”

The band’s referencing the Vekeri Festival in Hungary, which is set for June 21 through June 23.

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