Oh shit, is this gloriously boneriffic!

Eisenwald will be release a very special, limited release from Agalloch in the form of The Demonstration Archive 1996-1998 vinyl box set.

How hard are the veins throbbing in your genitals right now? Oh, not at all? Fuck, why am I the only one who gets chubbies over new albums anymore.

The set will feature a collection of material from the band’s early years, including 1997’s From Which Of This Oak demo, the original Of Stone, Wind, and Pillor EP and the rare Promo 98 recording.

All of the material was taken from the original analogue sources, which is doubly phatastic.

“Aside from some slight mastering to keep the songs at an even volume, nothing was edited or polished,” a press release proudly reveals.

The box is limited to 500 numbered deluxe sets, and “is an official and fully band-sanctioned release, put together with a great deal of care, devotion and respect, in order to present this collectors’ edition in a classy, aesthetically pleasing way.”


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