Beginning today and running through Friday (May 11th), the AFI Silver will host the 11th Annual 48-Hour Film Project.  The setup is simple: filmmakers have to incorporate a specific a) genre, b) character, c) prop, and d) line of dialogue into their works; everything else is up to them.  Over four days, viewers can see how the D.C.-area selections handled this challenge, and on May 24th, the crème de la crème from this week’s crop will get the spotlight.

Learn more HERE.

Now, I’m not one for branding certain degrees of “special” as more special than the rest, but the 48-Hour Film Project certainly takes the cake in terms of highest degree of movie specialness in the D.C. vicinity.  That said, other theaters have other solid options.

Take the West End Cinema.  On Friday, it starts running Hit So Hard.  This isn’t a hockey drama; rather, it’s an in-depth look at Hole drummer Patty Schemel.  For grunge fans, this documentary is a must, as it uses Schemel to examine the alt-rock scene of the 1990s.  However, Schemel provides a personal connection for the non-musically inclined – hers is a real-life rags-to-riches saga, one that finds her trying to balance her creativity with the band’s success, and one marred by near-catastrophic drug addiction.

Check out the film in greater detail HERE.

Finally, we end at the Bethesda Row Landmark with two special selections.  The first is the D.C. premiere of Headhunters.  The neo-noir focuses on a corporate headhunter who makes an ill-advised (and very bloody) foray into the world of art theft; based on Jo Nesbø’s international bestseller, this film plays like a perverse conflagration of the Coen Brothers and Anthony Mann’s capers.  If you liked the book (which I have a giveaway for HERE), you’ll love the movie.  Even if you’ve never read the book, fans of devious thrillers should find a lot to enjoy here.

Also impressive at Bethesda Row – tonight and Saturday night, the theater will screen the animated family favorite (and incidental head-trip favorite, to be fair) Yellow Submarine.  It’s the Beatles (though not voiced by the Beatles), it’s Pepperland, it’s the Blue Meanies and a score full of classics – you lack cultural cachet if you’ve never seen this one.  Chances are, though, you’ve never seen Yellow Submarine quite like this; EMI and Apple have given the film a frame-by-frame, 4K restoration.  Essential viewing.

For more, go HERE.

The Avengers broke the record for highest-grossing box-office totals over a three-day weekend (it made $200.3 million).  I wonder if it also set a record for most mumbled dialogue by an action-movie lead (love ya, Mr. Downey Jr.).

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