Image by Kelly Rowles

Prep your airship, wind up your favorite shoes, and set a course for Piscataway, New Jersey! Steampunk World’s Fair hits both the Radisson and the Embassy Suites May 18 – 20, 2012. Ticket prices come in a wide variety of flavors and sizes with the basic weekend pass promising retrofuturistic fun for $60. But there are a bunch of fun payment levels to be had so it’s best that you just click on over to their site to peruse the choices. No really, check them out. The buffet dinner and high tea sounds fantastic!

So what is Steampunk World’s Fair? Good question! At first glance it seems like your standard themed convention where many of the guests will come dressed up, vendors and artists selling related items, etc… Then I see a long list of talented music performers, entertainers on the risque side, a crafty area with LEGOs, a carnival style performance, a goblin market where everyone is in character in some immersive pseudo live game thing… I just don’t know what I’m getting myself into, but I am meticulously grooming my top hat for it!

Oh and it seems I need to bring my umbrella just in case!

So the carnival style performers I mentioned earlier, who will be in an area called “The Marvelous Midway!”, do their performing outside. Something about hotel managers being against fire getting whipped around indoors! Seriously! You’d think my parents ran the hotel. Well the fine folks running this event don’t just plan for the rain, they welcome it! They have ten (10!!) activities and events planned that only occurs if it rains! Honestly, I cannot think of a time I read the contingency plans for bad weather and said “Wow, that looks fun!” Alright fine, maybe I shouldn’t be so excited about a slip and slide with a giant Cthulhu mouth at the end of it or throwing water balloons at cities made of sugar cubes… Wait no, I should be excited about these things! Stop trying to reign in my inner child with your grown up attitude!

Visit for more information! See you there!


Technology Steampunk World's Fair 2012 is Coming Soon!