Long gone are the days where businesses mysteriously claimed they were “the best” at what they do, where  the definition of “the best” can be amended from company to company.  The company-review site called Yelp (you might’ve heard of it) can be a blessing or a curse simply by utilizing the power of the majority opinion.  In one case, a San Diego carpet cleaning company called SoCal Steam Clean has benefited greatly from Yelp, as the quality of the business ultimately determines whether Yelp is a curse or a blessing.

Yelp has had an influential hand in shaping the reputation of SoCal Steam Clean, presenting it as arguably the best professional San Diego carpet cleaning company. The carpet cleaning business services carpets, tiles, wooden floors, flood damaged areas and more, doing so in a manner that has pleased a majority of the clients that decided to give them a ring.

With over 100 reviews clocked-in to their Yelp page, SoCal Steam Clean has kept an immaculate 5 star rating, a feat that is fairly difficult to do. Justin Zarudny, founder and manager of SoCal Steam Clean, along with his team, invite their clients to leave their opinions about SoCal Steam Clean on sites such as Yelp in order to keep word-of-mouth fresh.

What did some of these Yelpers have to say?

“They’re an honest company that does great work, and you can be sure the reviews on here are accurate.”- Steve Y.

“Justin came over and worked magic on our carpet.  He was very meticulous and incredibly professional…very valuable traits for someone that is spending time in your home.”- Kelly B.

Yelp has had a very big hand in shaping SoCal Steam Clean as one of the top San Diego carpet cleaning businesses. Business for SoCal Steam Clean have tripled in a matter of months. In a way, it also constantly challenges the SoCal Steam Clean team to earn the respect and satisfaction of every one of their clients, making their business that much better.  Yelp makes the SoCal Steam Clean guarantee have more weight, it’s not simply just a guarantee used for decoration on their website.

The relationship with review sites like Yelp and SoCal Steam Clean are essential in this day and age to find success in the business world. It’s like Yelp is in a polygamous relationship with all the businesses in the world, the review site that’s estimated to be worth $1 billion is that powerful. Like a marriage, both sides can improve one another. On the other hand, sites like Yelp can potentially cut down a business at its roots, helping to filter out the bad. SoCal Steam Clean has kept its customers happy, providing quality carpet cleaning services and using plain, old hard work to earn each and every 5-star Yelp review. If your carpets need a healthy makeover, the SoCal Steam Clean team challenges you to put a blemish on their 5-star overall Yelp rating.



Community Yelp Helps Carpet Cleaning Business Soar