It finally happened. We all knew it would, but for it to have taken this long is disappointing. And to find out that Biden essentially forced his hand is even more disappointing.

But hey, it is what it is. This is politics.

Still, his support seems pretty weak right now. Yes, he’s the first President to come out in favor, but there’s no passion behind it. And states keep passing constitutional bans, North Carolina being the latest.

So what will that mean for Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington in November?

LA Times has more:

Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington state are expected to decide in November whether to allow gay marriage. Despite growing public support for such unions, opponents have won almost every time the question has come before voters. […]

Proponents of gay marriage hope Obama’s move will tip the balance; opponents say it won’t.

David Mixner, a longtime Democratic and gay rights activist, noted wryly that Obama’s endorsement was “no more symbolic than President Johnson endorsing the Voting Rights bills…. It’s going to give momentum. It’s going to give real legitimacy. It’s going to impact those who are sitting on the fence. Anytime the president takes a major stance on any civil rights issues, whether it’s Harry Truman or John Kennedy or Lyndon Johnson, it lends the power of the presidency to that issue.”

And it gets even more disheartening when I read things like this…

“I think it is a mistake to try to make what has traditionally been a state issue into a national issue,” Obama said, alluding to presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney’s support for a federal constitutional ban on gay marriage.

You can’t have it both ways Barack. Enough’s enough. Either you’re for it and you push for a country wide mandate or you’re just saying the words. Because if those 4 states pass bans on it in the Fall and that’s coupled with a loss of the Senate and possibly even your presidency…how far do you think that’ll set the movement back?

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