Maria Brink
My word, do I have a lot of shit on my plate.

This site, my day job, the personal errands, the accounting, the pressure that comes with all that…it can be exhausting.

I have been sleeping a lot lately, and feeling generally blah. I have a feeling it may have something to do with all the work that’s going on in my building after that February fire. I just need to slow down a bit.

This has nothing to do with In This Moment, so let me get to that.

The band will release its fourth album, Blood, on August 14 through In This Moment’s longtime label Century Media Records.

The CD was once again produced by Kevin Churko, who has previously worked with Ozzy Osbourne and Five Finger Death Punch.

“There are no words to describe how excited we are… We are on fire with this record,” says frontwoman Maria Brink. “It’s by far the most powerful material we have ever written.

“In This Moment has gone through some big changes. I admit sometimes change is scary, especially when facing the unknown, but in this case everything has been perfectly meant to be. It’s a brave, dark, hard-hitting album that will make you feel dirty inside, but still wanting more.”

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