Scott Weiland
That’s the word, folks.

Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland tells ABC News Radio that he’s reunited with Velvet Revolver…just a week after saying he’d be down to get back with the band that canned his ass years ago.

“We’ve all grown a lot,” explains Weiland. “We’re able to put egos and differences and old… conflicts aside and so that’s really cool.”

Weiland also said that the band “gave me a couple of [new] songs and myself and [guitarist] Dave [Kushner] and [bassist] Duff [McKagan] are gonna be getting together for a songwriting session next week.”

How interesting?

I personally never liked Velvet Revolver. I understood the appeal, I just don’t understand why it’s supposed to be good. They’re generic cock rock with no soul.

Nothing has been officially announced by the band.

[UPDATE: Slash has since told this radio station that Weiland is nuttier than a fruitcake, before saying it was possible a decision was made without his input.]

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