Starbucks Mocha Cookie Crumble

The coffee drinker in your life will probably seem a bit happier for the next week.  Why?   Quite simply: happy hour.  May the man who thought of happy hour be blessed with eternal happiness because who doesn’t love happy hour?  It’s a perfectly timed reward that, at a discounted price, congratulates you for making to that point in your day.  For some, happy hour is observed at a local restaurant or neighborhood bar, for others, it’s best celebrated with a flavored Limeade from Sonic.  But for the next week, coffee drinkers everywhere can rejoice because happy hour is happening at Starbucks. From May 4 – May 13, from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM at participating Starbucks, all Frappuccino’s are half priced.

Think of the Frappuccino as the milkshake’s overachieving and better liked cousin.  The drink can be either coffee or milk based.  It’s mixed with any of Starbucks available syrups or sauces, blended with ice and topped with fresh whipped cream and sometimes sprinkles.  For those with health concerns, non-dairy, light, and decaf options are available.

Starbucks Happy Hour arrived just in time to welcome the newest members of the Frappuccino family: the Mocha Cookie Crumble and, the coffee free, Chocolate Cookie Crumble.  Depending on your coffee preferences, the Cookie Crumble contains the signature Frappuccino base, mocha sauce, vanilla syrup, milk, Frappuccino chips, and ice, blended to perfection and topped with whipped cream and optional chocolate cookie crumbles.

Whether you want to try the new Mocha Cookie Crumble or the Chocolate Cookie Crumble or whether you have a favorite Frappuccino concoction of your own, the happy hour half priced Frappuccinos are just another way Starbucks is brining more happy to your day. For more information, including the location of the closest participating store visit or download the Starbucks app.


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