After last week’s action packed episode we got to breathe a bit this week during ‘A Man Without Honor’.  The episode started with the increasingly derailing Theon realizing that Osha used him to get Bran and Rickon Stark out of Winterfell. He takes his displeasure out on his men, kicking one of them brutally before leading a hunt through the forests. At one point he turns and gives Maester Luwin the business about the missing boys. Luwin begs him not to hunt them down and tries to convince him that the boys will be more use to him alive. Theon points out that they are of no use to him while still missing.

We then see Osha, Hordor and the boys running through the forest. They come to a small encampment where they hear kids playing. They think about stopping and decide not to as they are sure that Theon will torture the kids to find out where they had gone.

Osha urges them to keep moving as they won’t be able to outrun the wolves forever.

North of the wall we find Jon Snow and Ygritte where we found them-spooning. Ygritte wakes up and notices that Jon’s hand is around her and that he is awful close. She asks him if he pulled a knife on her back in the middle of the night which both startles and embarrasses Jon.

Jon gets her moving again and she begins to give him the business about being a virgin and asking him how hard that must be. She grills him over and over about how stupid his oath was and how she and her people are free while he is forced to obey silly rules. He puts up with her as best he can but she is clearly either annoying him or attracting him. It’s hard to say with Jon as he is pretty emotionless.

She manages to get him so flustered that she pulls the rope free and escapes him again. He goes after her only to find out that her people have surrounded them and Jon is captured. That’s what he gets for straying off with strange red-haired wildings.

In Harrenhall it appears that Tywin Lannister seems to be enjoying having Arya Stark as his servant. He gets into conversations with her about the Targaryen family, which she displays a detailed knowledge of. Even more detail than Tywin has.  As he stares out the window, waxing poetically about the history of Harrenhall, she grabs a knife and eyes his exposed throat. Before she can act on her impulse he turns and she puts the knife down.

He then lets on that he realizes she is highborn and trying to pass as a commoner as she keeps saying ‘my lord’ to him instead of ‘m’lord’. So many rules in Westros that you wonder how they keep them all straight.

In Qarth Daeny is still trying to make sense of her missing dragons. Jorah comes back and apologizes for being gone while they were taken. She forgives him and says she knows he was just trying to help her find a ship. He vows to go find them and visits the creepy metal-masked woman again. This time she is giving some guy a huge back tattoo and tells him that she does not have the dragons but that the person who does was with her that very moment.

We then see Daeny in a council room before Qarth’s thirteen, the ruling council. She accuses them of stealing her dragon, which The Spice King is not happy to hear. Pyat Pree, the creepy magic man from last episode, says that he has the dragons and that he took them in an agreement he made with the king of Qarth, and that if she would just visit the House of the Undying she could have them back. This makes the thirteen laugh as there is no king of Qarth. Xaro stands up and says that he is now the king of Qarth and soon armed men appear behind the remaining eleven and slit their throats. Daeny turns to run but Pyat Pree appears in front of her to stop her. Jorah appears and runs a sword through him but he just disappears.

Doesn’t Jorah know that you can’t run a sword through a wizard?

In King’s Landing Sansa is moping around the castle when she runs across the Hound. She tries to thank him for saving her but he doesn’t want to hear any of it, saying that he enjoys killing – it’s fun for him. Sansa can’t understand how he can be full of so much hate. He reminds her that she will be glad he is like that when there is nobody else to stand between her and the King.

The next morning Sansa awakes from a terrible dream to bloody sheets. She freaks out knowing that now she is of age and the Queen will expect her to have Joffrey’s babies. With Joffrey as creepy as he is, it is understandable how that would upset her. She is trying to hide the evidence when Shae comes in and promises to help her. One of the other handmaids sees it and runs out of the room. Shae goes after and threatens her not to tell the Queen. However, when Shae returns to the room the Hound is standing over the bed, and Sansa.

The jig is up.

Later the Queen talks to Sansa and lets on that she is aware Sansa is not madly in love with her son. She gives her some Queenly advice that it doesn’t matter if she loves him, she’ll love their children and that was what she should remember.

Look for that sage advice in Cersei’s soon to be released book on parenting in Westeros.

Back at Robb’s camp he is listening to Ser Alton Lannister, who he had sent to the Queen with a peace offering. Alton tells him that the Queen tore up his offer and Robb thanks him and then sends him off to share a cell with Jamie Lannister. As Robb is getting ready to leave Talisa Maegar, the nurse he has the hots for comes to his tent and says that she needs medical supplies for the wounded. She knows Robb is off to the Crag to negotiate a peace and asks him to pick up some stuff. He urges her to come with them, and then she can get what she needs for herself.

Robb keeps forgetting he is spoken for.

In their cell Alton and Jamie reminisce about tournaments past and how Alton once squired for Jamie. At first Jamie says he doesn’t remember him, but then later says he does and how he did a good job as a squire. Alton moans about his side of the Lannister family not being as ambitious as Jamie’s. He’d love to help out more. Jamie says he has a plan for escape if Alton wanted to help. Alton seems interested until Jamie says that all he has to do is die and then beats him to death with his fists.

One of the guards sees this and enters the pen to check on the fallen Alton only to have Jamie kill him too, break free from his chains and leave the pen.

Later that night Lady Stark is interrupted in her tent as a messenger tells her that they have captured Jamie – it turns out he did not make it far.

One of Robb’s men, Lord Karstark, is furious, as it was his son that Jamie killed in the pen. He wants to exact his revenge and take Jamie’s head. Lady Stark intervenes and says that they should wait until her son, the King, returns. That pacifies Karstark for a bit, but later that night the camp is still split and rumbling about Jamie still being alive.

Lady Stark realizes that Jamie won’t survive the night so she and Brienne go to see him in his pen. Once there he lays into her about how her husband had cheated on her and then brought the bastard home for her to raise. He also insults Brienne asking Lady Stark where she found ‘such a beast’. Lady Stark does not say one word in return until she calmly asks Brienne for her sword. She raises it and swings it down just as the scene cuts away.

Could she have killed Jamie?

The episode ends with Theon addressing his new subjects at Winterfell. He is blathering on and on about how he had told them not to mess with him. And to show them how serious he was he has his men pull on some ropes which are attached to two burned bodies of boys. The gathering gasps. Theon has killed Bran and Rickon Stark.

This cannot be good.

In Memorium:

This week we lost eleven of the Qarth Thirteen who had their throats slit by Xaro in an old school power grab.

Alton Lannister also went down at the hands of his cousin Jamie. It makes you wonder how dangerous a Lannister Thanksgiving would be. After that we lost Lord Karstark’s son as he too found out how sneaky Jamie could be, poor kid never saw it coming.

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