Fuck Minsk! I have never wanted to visit Minsk, and now, never will.

Reports claim the Prosecutor General’s Office has banned Swedish black metal band Marduk from playing a show in Minsk, Belarus.

Pavel Radzivonaw, a departmental head at the Prosecutor General’s Office, told reporters on Monday that Marduk’s concert, scheduled for May 22, would not take place.

“The band preaches Satanism, which has nothing to do with art,” he says. “This is an affront to Christian values, they preach the ideas of death, of the Third Reich.”

The other bands that were scheduled to appear with Marduk at the Re:Public club — including Kataklysm and Vader — will be allowed to perform.

Radzivonaw warned the show may be stopped if the performances involve violations of laws.

Marduk’s new album will be in stores June 5.

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