And that’s the cover.

Nuclear Blast Records has announced the new Testament disc will be in stores in Europe on July 27. Dark Roots Of Earth drops four days later in North America.

Holy shit! This is phatastic!

I don’t care what you say about Testament, these dudes are one of the best thrash bands to have ever happened. I know that’s an obvious understatement, but I’m feeling sick, and not very poetic this week.

The Dark Roots Of Earth was recorded with British producer Andy Sneap — you know, that dude who has worked with Nevermore and Machine Head and Megadeth.

By the way, I can not wait to hear this new Testament record. Not only do I love thrash, but I love Gene Hoglan’s drumming, which will feature prominently on the new Testament LP.

Also, our buddy Chris Adler from Lamb of God will be playing drums on two tracks on the disc.

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