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The Offenders Guitarist Dies


The Offenders
Guitarist Tony “Offender” Johnson has died.

A resident of Austin, Texas, Johnson was best known for his work with The Offenders.

He died May 12 at the age of 54 after a 20-month struggle with lung cancer. Fuck you, cancer. I fucking hate you.

What the fuck? How is that we don’t have a cure for cancer yet? We have handheld computers, the government has a secret machine that can control the weather, and we can prevent HPV, but we can’t cure cancer.

Every fucking dollar spent on scientific research should be reallocated for cancer research…until there’s a fucking cure.

Johnson is survived by daughter Natalie Johnson and son Alex Johnson.

Of course, only old guys will remember The Offenders, a staple of the Texas hardcore scene during the 1980s. I only knew of these dudes because I had one song on a tape compilation years ago.

This was the song: