Rachel Platten, Photo via Facebook
Rachel Platten, Photo via Facebook

For those of you who missed Rachel Platten during her last time in Seattle, you’re getting a second shot this Monday when she plays at the Triple Door on her first ever headlining tour. Before I get any further, let me give you a heads up that this Monday night show is an EARLY one – starting at 6pm – so hurry over to the Triple Door right after you get off work. Okay? Okay.

Platten is the sort of artist that is perfect for summer, which is what we’re coming face to face with here in Seattle. Her music is full of bright and shiny lyrics – the sort you blast when you’re on the way to the beach. Each song is pop bliss – infectious but not even the slightest bit annoying or overtly catchy. They stick with you, but nothing on her album, Be Here, is going to get played out. She’s a joy to listen to, from the first track to the last, due to her delightful melodies as well as her perfect, glowing voice.

Based on her performance last time in Seattle I can say with absolute certainty, if you like her album you will love her live show. She sings her songs in such a way that it really feels like she’s bearing her soul to the audience in each chorus. And, what I loved more than anything last time was when she legitimately broke it down to Snoop Dog’s ‘Gin and Juice.’ Yeah, you read that right. The only thing better than Snoop himself shooting his rhymes to an audience is when an adorable, talented lady does it.

So take a listen to one of her best songs, ‘1,000 Ships’ below, and buy tickets to her all ages show at the Triple Door this Monday here.

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