With Sasquatch just around the corner, it’s time to start planning your festival schedule. Being the music junkie I am, I’ve been pouring over their line up since it’s released, trying to figure out where I’ll be every minute of every day. Of course, my schedule is fraught with conflicts, but if you’re torn over who to see I’m going to do you a favor and let you know some of my top picks to catch Friday evening.

Honeyhoney, Photo via Facebook

Right off the boat, make sure to get to the Yeti stage to catch California’s HoneyHoney. This duo was here a few weeks ago with James Morrison (a review can be found here, and the interview I did with them will be up in the next few days), and they blew me away. While they’re unbelievably attractive, what really makes them a must see is their charisma on stage and the quality of their song writing. Making music inspired by authentic country and soul, songs from their latest album, Billy Jack, are ripe with a certain level of raunchiness, while also offering soul searching insights. Catch their set, starting at 5:05, and if you’re looking for a way into their hearts- I’d start with offering them a shot of whiskey after their performance.

At 6:05, make your way over to the Sasquatch stage to check out Of Monsters and Men. Their single ‘Little Talks will get you dancing, but what you may not know if you’re a radio junkie is that some of their other material is even better. I’m hoping to hear ‘Love Love Love’ especially- it’s a slower song, but one with all the elements that make Of Monsters and Men worth seeing- searing vocals, interesting lyrics, and floating instrumentals.

The Banana Shack is where you’ll find my next two must-sees- STRFKR and Beats Antique. Both are electronic bands, at at these stages you’ll find one hell of a dance party. STRFKR is one of my favorite live acts, their performances lead you to shed your skin and get lost in their understated vocals and keyboard playing. They’re not bass driven, they’re sort of rocky and breezey and a great way to spend the later half of the 7 o’clock hour- starting at 7:45. When STRFKR ends, don’t even think about leaving the Banana Stage. Beats Antique is one of the most buzzed about acts out there, and with an hour long set starting at 9, you won’t want to miss a moment. Beats Antique is just… it’s hard to find words to describe. It’s electronic music with integrity- it’s not trying to be pop or rock, and listening to tracks like ‘Cat Skillz’ is like an giving your brain a workout. Be there, and stay there, the entire set.

Pretty Lights, Photo by Krystle Blackburn

If you’re wondering where to end your night, take a cue from the crowd that will be growing over at the Sasquatch stage. Pretty Lights starts at 10:15, and based on the last time I saw him at the Gorge will BLOW YOU AWAY. This DJ is one of the best around, and the crowd he draws exudes the kind of energy rarely seen at festivals in Washington. And don’t even get me started on his light show- it’s one of the best.  Check out one of his videos below, and make sure you’ve saved enough energy through your first day at Sasquatch to dance along with the hundreds of people in front of the stage.


Culture Sasquatch 2012: Friday Must-Sees