Bad Veins, Photo by Keith Klenowski


Bad Veins, Photo by Keith KlenowskiÂ

The opening of  The Barboza may have been delayed due to construction, but now the doors have opened and have been welcoming a stream of exciting acts to the stage. Next week, one of the most best performances of the week takes place on Tuesday night by Bad Veins.

Benjamin Davis and Sebastien Schultz are the guys behind this band, and began putting out records in 2009. Their history is an interesting one- having sort of stumbled into success according to their biography. What started out as a solo project by Davis caught fire when he started collaborating with Schultz. While they may have found themselves surprised by how quickly Bad Veins has taken off, after taking a listen to their latest release, I’m not. Their material is explosive and bright- the sort of indie-pop that is familiar yet is made distinct by the lyrics woven between keyboards and shattering drum playing.

The Mess We’ve Made was released in late April. It’s the sort of record that a lot of artists strive to achieve, but typically fall short. Davis and Schultz infuse their music with enough synth to make every song a possible hit on the dance floor, but they don’t over do it- a next to impossible balance to strike. Their lyrics are like a how-to guide of how to communicate with an ex who’s broken your heart, but Davis never comes across as whiny. On songs like ‘Dancing on TV,’ the tempo is so upbeat and drizzled with electricity that you almost don’t notice that Davis’s’ heart is practically breaking with every verse. It’s a brilliant record, and one that I can’t get enough of.

This Cincinnati duo is in the midst of a west coast centered tour, with upcoming stops in California and Arizona. Their show at The Barboza this Tuesday features opening act The Awfully Sudden Death of Martha G, a Seattle band. Grab tickets in advance for only $10 here, and watch the video for ‘Dancing on TV’ below.


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