An ass with the word "Terror" written on it
So, I had one hell of a day today. I awoke to no hot water in my building, which means my balls likely smell like munster at this point. Then I was in court, for a small claims case I initiated.

Some BMW-driving, tank-ass havin’ soccer mom backed into my PARKED car back in March. Did I mention she was backing out of her own driveway, and I was parked across the street — and that a jumbo fucking jet could have backed out of that same driveway, has the pilot actually been looking?

This dumb-ass wasn’t looking, hit my car, and she and her puny tough guy of a husband assured me they would pay for the damages — no problem. This has nothing to do with Terror, but I am getting to it.

So, after getting one estimate for $1,600, these suburban buttholes made me go to some shop their friend owns. He gave me an estimate of $1,200, but for these boobs, that was still too fucking high.

This twat hit me RIGHT where my door meets the front fender, meaning now, every time I get in my car, I can not open my door fully, and have to slide in.

So, when they were not going to pay for my car to be fixed, I fucking sued ‘em. Today was my day in court, and of course, paper estimates can not be considered as evidence in court in my state; I had to have a mechanic show up and testify for me. Strike one.

We tried to mediate. I came down in my asking price. Every time, they returned with the same counter-offer: $0. ASSHOLES!

I ended up settling for nothing, basically, and am just realizing that “Judge Judy” had clouded my expectations. I thought I was going to have money to fix my car today. But no.

So I am pissed. But hey — Terror are recording.

The band — whose frontman is kind of a douche — reveals they have started tracking their next LP, Live By The Code.

Look for that shit to drop later this year.

Entertainment Terror Are Recording! Terror Are Recording!