Here’s a quick tip for you on this bright and beautiful Saturday: Don’t waste your time on “The Dictator.”

I went this morning to see it, and you should maybe wait until it’s on DVD or HBO or something. It wasn’t all that funny, to be honest. It had its moments, but I don’t recall laughing once. Not a good sign.

Anyways, enough about my boring morning, which also included some hot loving: Let’s talk about the Hatebreed, as my mom likes to say.

“Have you heard about this band the Hatebreed?,” I recall her asking me once, after seeing a bumper sticker on some Long Island douche nozzle’s car.

Hatebreed’s bassist Chris Beattie has informed fans the band are due to enter the studio next week to begin tracking their next album.

Beattie says a release date for the new album hasn’t been determined yet.

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