Corey Taylor
Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor says the new album from his side project Stone Sour will blow people’s minds apart. I somehow doubt that.

Taylor tells Revolver magazine that the album, due in October, will sound like Pink Floyd’s The Wall “crossed with Alice In Chains’ Dirt with some good heavy blasts in there.”

Corey must smoke rocks. And really, I am not sure that would sound all that good. Those two albums, mixed together…? Yeah, I’m not convinced that would be rad.

“The heaviest song is a total ass-kicker that sounds as if Slayer and Anthrax had a baby. Then, there’s a darker bluesy dirge that has the vibe of Led Zeppelin’s ‘In My Time Of Dying’. There’s even a little industrial vibe. It’s definitely going to blow people’s fucking minds.”

The album will be conceptual, as well.

“The album is a morality play about a man who’s standing at the crossroads of his life trying to figure out what to do next,” he said. “He’s going, ‘Do I move foward and evolve? Do I become more responsible or do I run backwards and pilfer the basket of youth?’ Sometimes it’s romantic to live in the mistakes that you made when you were 20, and condemn yourself to perpetual adolescence.”

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