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The Philadelphia Folk Festival can be an amazing, whole-year-of-your-life-one-weekend kind of experience. That being said, there is so much happening you’ll likely miss the best stuff if it’s your first time. To give you an overview of my essential Fest moments, enjoy this ABC, with the Folk Fest in mind. Remember, this year’s event happens August 17-19.
A-All-You-Can-Eat Pancake Breakfasts at the local fire company
B-Beer Garden: Yum. Nuff’ said.
C-Camping under the stars
D-Dulcimer’s Grove: an oasis of shade and hammocks
E-Environmentalism: the Green Team brings composting to the Fest
F-Folk Fest Time: The curious term for the relaxed schedule adopted by campers and music goers.
Fest attendees
G-Great Groove Band/Give and Take Jugglers: Two of the best attractions for young folk festers
H-Hula hoops
I-Instrument Check: Keep your axe happy during the hot days
J-Gene Shay’s Jokes: Terrible punchlines make a terrific tradition
K-Kite tents. Tip–Stake down your tent so it doesn’t become an unidentified flying object.
L-Light sticks
M-Martin Guitar Main Stage
N-Naked Run: An early morning run for the toughest campers
O-Off-the-Grid: Good-bye Facebook, hello face-to-face fun
P-Potty Queen: Keeps the portable toilets clean all weekend
Q-Quiet Camping: Probably should be called Quiet(er) Camping instead.
R-Run out: Campers sprint to claim precious campsites
S-Sandals: Skip the open-toed variety and save your feet
T-Tent City: Home to a couple thousand intimate strangers
U-Umbrellas: Bring the rain gear, in case of storms
V-Vendors: Visit the craftspeople, which has included indie teeshirt maker Eat More Kale, Sing Out! Magazine and instrument crafters
W-Water Gate: Leads to the Perkiomon Creek. Don’t even think about swimming in those waters–yuck.
X-XPN: Look for local showcase to see the next wave of Philly talent
Y-Young campers: Bring ’em early and often
Z-Z’s: Don’t plan on sleeping much, until you get home, that is
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Culture ABCs of the Philly Folk Fest