Reports claim a death metal band from Sydney, Australia, has received an arts grant from the Australian government.

That’s pretty cool. I think I could see myself living in Australia. It sounds like a pretty cool country.

Ouroboros may be the first death-metal band to receive support from the Australian government through the Australia Council For The Arts.

The Australia Council For The Arts offers a broad range of grants for Australian artists and arts organizations.

Ouroboros received approximately $19,670 from the government, and will use the cash to write new songs for its next album, which will include a symphony orchestra.

“This is amazing for us,” drummer David Horgan told The Australian. “We couldn’t consider hiring an orchestra to do this without this kind of support.”

Composer Matthew Hindson, chair of the Australia Council music board which approved the grant, said of Ouroboros: “They have a degree of technical virtuosity and musicianship. No matter what kind of music you are involved in, that comes through.”

Word up, Hindson. I wish more people were as open-minded as you are.

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