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Game of Thrones Recap: Episode 208, The Prince of Winterfell


Sunday brought us another episode of Game of Thrones and more ins and outs and what-have-you’s. If it felt like ‘The Prince of Winterfell’ was continuing the build up to something big you were not alone, and judging by the preview of next week’s episode the proverbial stuff is going to hit the fan. 

The episode started with our favorite Westeros brat, Theon Greyjoy, waiting for his sister Asha to show up with reinforcements to help him hold Winterfell. She finally shows up but not with the 500 men he was expecting and instead she warns him that he is in over his head and that now every man in the North wants to see him dead. She offers to take him home where he’ll be safe. Being Theon he refuses and says he plans on holding Winterfell. 

Poor Theon, even when he succeeds at something he fails, as his sister leaves him with his twenty men trying to hold the fort. 

North of the wall the tables have been turned on Jon Snow as he is now Ygritte’s prisoner as she takes him back to her camp. She offers him to the Lord of Bones (a guy wearing human bones as armor) who says he already ‘has a crow’ and then orders his men to gut Jon. Ygritte steps in and identifies Snow as the Bastard of Winterfell and that Mance will want to talk to him. The Lord of Bones relents and lets her know that she is responsible for him. Ygritte tells Jon that they are even.

Jon is then thrown down next to the Halfhand who has already been captured. As they are marched the Halfhand tells Jon that the Wildings are going to march on the wall and that having a Night’s Watch ranger on the inside will help. He then tells Jon to do what he should before he puts on an act yelling at him about betraying the brotherhood. He ends up pushing Jon down an embankment where Ygritte looks at him with a renewed interest. 

Back on the Fist of the First Men, Sam and the rest of the Night’s Watchmen are digging latrines in the snow, which sounds like a good time, when they discover an old shield and cloak. They dig it up to find out that the cloak has a bunch of Dragon’s Glass blades wrapped up in it. 

Hmmm… I wonder why the writers showed us this? Will it come in handy in the future? 

Meanwhile Robb Stark is walking through the woods with Lady Talisa (isn’t there a war going on?) and he explains that he is promised to wed a Frey girl so that he could access a bridge. They continue to make the googly eyes at each other when a rider approaches and tells Robb that Jamie Lannister, the King slayer, has escaped again. 

Robb returns to his camp to find out that his own mother, Lady Stark, had freed Lannister in order to trade him for her daughters. Robb is pretty upset by this and places her under arrest. Getting placed under arrest by your own son is probably not high on the list of mother’s day presents a mother would hope for.

We then see Lady Brienne and Jamie getting into a boat. Jamie continues to insult her, calling her manly, questioning how much she likes horses and trying to talk her into letting him out of her chains. She remains calm and gets him in a boat as they cruise down a river towards King’s Landing. 

Later Robb and Lord Bolton are trying to decide what to do about Theon and Winterfell. Lord Bolton reminds him that his son is near Winterfell and can re-take it. Robb tells him to inform his son that every man from the Pike (Theon’s home) will be spared if they leave, with the exception of Theon. Robb promises to hunt him down wherever he runs. 

Lady Talis then arrives and Lord Bolton takes his leave. She tells Robb a story about her little brother who almost drowned and how a slave saved him. From that day on she decided that she would never live in a city that allowed slavery. This seems to excite Robb as he blurts out that he doesn’t want to marry the Frey girl. The sexual tension has finally reached its peak as they both tear each other’s clothes off and go at it on the floor of Robb’s tent.

Again, shouldn’t he be fighting the war? 

At Harrenhall, Tywin Lannister is having another war meeting while Arya serves them water. She listens in on their plans as they are more and more worried about the Starks and Stannis, who is getting close to King’s Landing. Tywin announces that they will ride at nightfall and take the attack to the Starks. He leaves The Mountain in charge of Harrenhall. 

Ayra desperately tries to find Jaqen, who stills owes her one more body. She can’t find him before Twyin leaves and it’s too late. When she does find him she scolds him for not killing people when she wants him to. He tries to explain to her that’s not how it works and that she should give him her last name. She thinks about it and names him. He doesn’t like that one bit and makes her un-name him. She does, on the condition that he helps her and her friends escape. He hesitates but then says that he will do so and that she, and her friends, can walk out of the gates at midnight. 

At midnight she hides with Gendry and Hotpie as they watch the gate. There are guards standing watch all around the gate and they are unsure what they should do. Finally Arya decides it’s time and she starts walking towards the gate. Gendry and Hotpie reluctantly follow and as they get closer to the guards they realize that they are all dead. 

Arya is back on the road again. 

In King’s Landing Tyrion is pouring over books about war strategy trying to figure out a way to protect the city from the pending attack by Stannis. Bronn is with him as Lord Varys enters and commends Bronn on his work with the King’s guard. He mentions that thievery has been considerably less. Tyrion asks him how he did that and Bronn says that they rounded up all the known thieves, now they only had to worry about the unknown ones. 

Is there any way to get a spin off show with just these two? 

Later Varys commends Tyrion on how he plays the game and lets him know that out in Qarth, Daeny is alive and has dragons. Tyrion doesn’t want to hear any of that and tells Varys, ‘one game at a time’. 

That evening as Cersei has dinner with Tyrion she accuses him of trying to get her son killed. Tyrion laughs this off and says he is only trying to save the kingdom. She reminds him of her vow to hurt him and someone he loves. He looks at her curiously as she announces that she has his ‘whore’ and that any injury that comes to Joffrey will also come to her. Tyrion asks to see the whore, worried about Shae, and Cersei has her guards bring her in. 

Tyrion is somewhat relieved to see that it is not Shae but rather Ros from Littlefinger’s brothel. He tells her that he is sorry this has happened and that he promises to free her. When he returns to his chambers he is happy to see that Shae is there unhurt. He tells her that he would kill for her. 

Falling for a prostitute can not be a good thing for Tyrion, has it ever been good for anyone? 

In Qarth, Daeny is in hiding after the attack of the thirteen last week. Jorah tries to convince her to forget the dragons and sail out of there. She tells him that she can’t leave, that they are her children, the only ones she will ever have. She then commands him to take her to the House of the Undying where the dragons are being kept. 

This is all we saw of Daeny in this episode, but clearly her adventures at the House of the Undying will be addressed soon. 

Out at sea Stannis is aboard one of his ships talking to Ser Davos. He commends Davos for his loyalty despite others making fun of his low birth. Davos says to think nothing of it but then is floored when Stannis tells him that when he takes the throne he will make Davos his hand of the king, and that he is pretty sure that Davos would be the first son of a crabber to hold the position. 

There always has to be a first, right? 

The episode ends back at Winterfell where Theon continues to fret. Maester Luwin is sulking around the yard when he notices Osha in the shadows beckoning him. He follows her down into the crypts where she tells him that they doubled back after losing Theon, as the crypts would be the last place Theon looked. The camera then pans and we see Bran, Rickon and Hordor hanging out, alive and well. 

It appears that Theon did not kill the two boys after all. 

In Memorium: 

It was a pretty violence-free week in Westeros for once. We did see a basket of dead crows and some prisoners hanging in Harrenhall. Jaqen also killed a couple of nameless Lannister guards, which is hard to get upset about, since there are plenty of those to go around.