Oh yes, my people folks.

Metal Blade Records has signed Entrails, “one of the best death metal bands ever to come out of Sweden,” a press release claims.

Entrails formed in the 90s, but split up before they were able to release a demo or even an album.

It took them until 2008 to come back when guitarist Jimmy Lundqvist rediscovered some old tapes. In a moment of nostalgia, he decided that they deserved to be released as they should have been originally.

Through the magic of modern recording, the first Entrails demo could finally take shape. After releasing another demo in 2009, Entrails recorded and released their debut album Tales From The Morgue in 2010.

The band’s a;bum The Tomb Awaits followed in 2011, and caught the label’s attention.

“Being on Metal Blade has been a dream since Slayer’s Hell Awaits came out and given the chance to be there as well is just pure magic,” says guitarist Jimmy Lundqvist. “It is with honorable excitement that we have signed to Metal Blade!”

Right now Entrails are in the final stages of songwriting for their third studio album to be recorded during the summer! “Our upcoming third opus is filled with old-school and rotten bastards of songs,” the guitarist says.

“Groovy and heavy like a pile of flesh that will be like a punch in your face. To us it’s the perfect step from The Tomb Awaits album…beware!”

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