Perhaps this is the best thing for Randy Blythe but for sites like Gun Shy Assassin and for the fans, this is a sad, sad day.

Randy Blythe has deleted his Twitter account. That means no more rants, no more manifestos, and no more opinions from the Lamb of God frontman online. Nope.

Not sure why he’s decided to do this, but here’s his final Tweet, as re-Tweeted by the band’s Twitter.

“Actually, I’ve changed my mind. After a few short hours of no twitter on my phone, I feel much better,” Blythe writes.

“Although I believe social networking can be used in a positive manner, I also believe it is for the most part a gigantic waste of time. Especially for me. It doesn’t hurt that it’s kinda addictive, and I certainly have that aspect of my personality.

“So peace, I’m fucking outta here. If you see someone on Twitter or Facebook claiming to be me, don’t believe them, because I’ve never had Facebook and in about three minutes I won’t have Twitter. So it was nice to meet some of y’all. I wish you well. Now I’m gonna go read a good book.

“Peace- D. Randall Blythe PS- #Randonesia will never die!”

This blows a bit. I’m glad Randy is still going to do his blog, which means when he wants to release a tirade, he’ll have an outlet to do so — and one we can easily access.

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