Bon Iver, Photo via Facebook

With Sasquatch just around the corner, it’s time to start planning your festival schedule. Being the music junkie I am, I’ve been pouring over their line up since it’s released, trying to figure out where I’ll be every minute of every day. Of course, my schedule is fraught with conflicts, but if you’re torn over who to see I’m going to do you a favor and let you know some of my top picks to catch Sunday.

Seattle darlings Hey Marseilles kick off Sunday at noon on the Sasquatch stage. If you haven’t heard of this band before, they’re just a delight to listen to. Wistful and enchanting, they’re mellow enough to ease you into your third day at Sasquatch but anything but boring. Their song ‘Rio’ is one that I’m most hopeful to see, it shows off their song writing and the uniqueness of their music.

Really, Sunday is the day to post up in front of the Sasquatch stage. Throughout the day, basically each band scheduled to perform is one I can’t wait to catch. Trampled by Turtles starts at 2:10 and their bluegrass will just be country perfection with the sun pelting down.

Blind Pilot, Photo via Facebook

Next up at the Sasquatch stage is Blind Pilot at 3:15. Another in a long list of Oregon bands doing impressive work, Blind Pilot is one of the bands I’m most excited to see throughout the entire weekend. Their 2009 album 3 Rounds and a Sound followed by their latest release We Are The Tides are both timeless- there’s nothing about them that says “Flash in the Pan.” They aren’t trying to sound like anything popular, they’re focus is on staying authentic to whatever moves them. They’re just great, plain and simple.

Take a break from the Sasquatch stage and head over to the Banana Stage for Beat Connection at 4:40. A totally different sound than anything I’ve recommended for your Sunday so far, Beat Connection will jog your brain out of the soggy trance that can develop as the evening encroaches. I’m planning on spending my afternoon dancing along side this Seattle band, chasing the sun as it goes down. They’ll wake you up and get you ready for the long night ahead of you. Rallying is their specialty.

At 5:25 Portland’s M. Ward is making the Sasquatch stage his temporary home. He’s been impressing people with his Americana-folk music, and his recent release A Wasteland Companion has gotten pretty rave reviews. His voice has something almost sinister to it, and I’m really looking forward to seeing him perform songs like ‘Clean Slate’ and ‘Primitive Girl’ in all their glory.

Hands down, the band I’m most excited to see at Sasquatch is Seattle’s pride and joy The Head and The Heart. Can I just say how much I hope they play their set during the entire duration of sunset? Starting at 6:40 at the Sasquatch stage, their set is sure to be one of the most memorable of the weekend; their songs are just tailor made to be sang with the Gorge and the Columbia river as their sound man. If you’re unfamiliar with this band, you’ve been living under a rock in Seattle, but check out their video for my favorite THATH song.

After your heart explodes from the joy that The Head and The Heart instills in it, head over to the Bigfoot stage at 9 for Little Dragon. It’s a totally different sound from most of what Sunday has to offer, but it’s actually a perfect follow up. Little Dragon is a four piece soul-electronic combo that is flat out impressive. Their music stirs your soul, and moves your feet.

Bon Iver, Photo via Facebook

Bon Iver isn’t the perfect follow up for Little Dragon, but he’s a downright impressive live performer. Head back to the Sasquatch stage at 10 to see the Grammy winner blow you away with songs like ‘Holocene’ and ‘Skinny Love.’ And while you’re waiting for him to take the stage for his encore, take turns with your friends and the people around you to see who can say his name correctly.

Since Bon Iver is a most mellow artist, and I have faith in my fellow Sasquatch-ers to want to keep the party going after his set, get over the see Feed Me (with Teeth!) at 11:30. Based on what Feed Me was like a few months back in Seattle, the Bigfoot stage is going to be going bananas over the light show and beats. This is one set that you will be hearing all the way across the Gorge, so make sure you’re there to take part in this giant dance party. Dubstep is how I’ll be ending, or should I say, starting my Sunday night.

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