Kyuss Lives!
The legal system is a tricky son-of-a-bitch. Sometimes, you don’t win your civil case and get that $2,000 to fix your car, and sometimes, two-years of expensive legal wrangling and emotional dredging concludes with a 30-day sentence for a cruel hate crime.

I don’t see the former members of Kyuss — touring as Kyuss Lives! — prevailing when a judge decides Joshua Homme’s suit. These Kyuss Lives! dudes haven’t a fucking legal leg to stand on.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Kyuss Lives! members John Garcia and Brant Bjork once again discuss the suit brought against them by Homme over use of the Kyuss name.

Bjork says he was not surprised when Homme’s suit was filed.

“They don’t want to mention that they trademarked the name Kyuss after I left the band, assuring that I had no rights in Kyuss’ future. They’re both accusing John and I of doing something that they actually did themselves. Their inner conflict is this: both Josh and Scott want control and money from Kyuss Lives!, but they don’t want to participate and they ultimately don’t want us to exist. The double standard is unbelievable.

“Josh filing this lawsuit is not an issue of today … it’s an issue that began over 20 years ago. That is why the band was short-lived. Josh and I were the creative force within the band and after the completion of our second record, Blues For The Red Sun, we developed an opposing view on how the band should exist and operate.

“In 1992 Josh discovered publishing, which is the financial revenue stream for songwriting. After that, he wanted to write all the songs. As a drummer I couldn’t make him play my songs. I wasn’t going to compromise my heart and soul and play drums for Josh to make money in a band I started. So I left the band. I was a confused, angry and sad 19-year-old idealist who sacrificed my love of my band for what I believed in. Two-and-a-half years later, Josh would break up the band after John confronted him about the same thing; his need to control the band for personal gain.

“We love music and we love our band, and we want to continue on and we feel we have the right to do so. So, we now know the lawsuit is not going away. Without Nick [Oliveri], I suggested to John we give Scott the benefit of the doubt — that he initially reacted the way he did because of his feelings being hurt — and ask him to now be the full-time player, which is what he wanted in the first place. John reluctantly agreed. I called Scott and we had a very nice conversation that ended with him saying he wanted to think about it and that he would call me in a day or two. Scott sent both John and I an e-mail two days later saying, ‘No,’ that he was going to continue siding with Josh and was moving forward with the lawsuit. I was shocked. John was not.”

Kyuss Lives! has a new bassist, named Billy Cordell, the interview reveals. I wonder when Josh Homme will sue him.

“Both John and I are sad that there is bitterness between members of Kyuss, but we are excited to go back to work and continue bringing the music to the fans. We have a new record deal and will begin recording in July,” Bjork says.

Homme will win, just you wait and see.

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